rise + shine

My alarm is set for 5am.  We’re heading to the mountains with our friends that are visiting and to beat the traffic you have to get on the road no later than 6am.  Eeeek.

We picked up our friends from the airport and had to wait literally 2hrs because apparently the baggage door on the plane was broken…when that was fixed apparently the baggage truck that picks up the luggage broke down…and from there it took well over an hour.  Not sure I buy that whole story, but my point is that we headed straight to lunch and my camera was at home.

We went to The Hornet, an awesome local spot that has a $2 make your own bloody mary bar on the weekends.  I had a $2 mimosa instead and a huge veggie filled + goat cheese omelet with toast and some potatoes.  YUM.

Deb + I went to Sweet Action for ice cream too.  I have heard really good things and wanted to try it out.  I haven’t had ice cream in SO long.  It was realllllllllly tasty!  The store was super cute too and had a roll-up garage door that was open today, with how nice it was outside.  I had White Chocolate Cinnamon and it rocked.  Cinnamon in ice cream is amazing.  Obviously.  They had a really fun selection including 2 vegan options.

After lunch, ice cream, and walking around [found many cute stores on Broadway!]  we came back to our place and the girls had a glass of this –>

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Deb + me!  I miss my Charlotte peeps!!

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They look so refined here.  If only they were.

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Will + Deb :) sans baby Bryson, who is adorable and can be seen here

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We went to dinner at Stella’s.  It was really good!!  We finally branched out from our “go to” Vine Street.  There are a ton of amazing local spots in Denver, it’s about time we started making our way to more of them.

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It was Italian-esque with a really good menu.  I was definitely eyeing up the butternut squash ravioli.

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But decided on a bowl of AHmazing tomato bisque…

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And a suuuuper delicious salad.  The arugula was SO fluffy and the toppings were a little sparse…I could have eaten this x2. 

Arugula + shaved fennel + walnuts + goat cheese + endive + orange slices + fennel orange balsamic –> Sounds delicious, and it was!  But there was hardly any fennel, 3 little endive leaves, and 3 orange slices…oh well!

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Off to make overnight oats + pack snacks for the morning/day.  I’m also currently icing my foot which hurts from my run yesterday….really angry about that!!  This half marathon isn’t looking too promising.  It doesn’t feel like an injury but more of a deep bruise.  It’s the toe next to my big toe and it kind of hurts where the toe + foot meet but a little further back in my foot.  Completely annoyed and frustrated.  Ohhhhhh well :) Whaddya gonna do? 

I’m hoping snowboarding doesn’t aggravate it…if it does I’ll be spending a long time in the coffee shop at Keystone while everyone else is boarding!  I better bring a book…


<3 Ashley