feelin’ the fruit

I tried something really different for breakfast.  Well, it was still creamy +  smooth like my oats, but they weren’t oats at all.  Have you ever seen Quinoa Flakes in the store?  They are a bit pricey but I’ve really been wanting to try them out.

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It was literally flaked quinoa.  Nothing more.  If you look closely [and if you have cooked quinoa before] you can tell that it is quinoa and not oats or oat bran.  They cook on the stovetop in about 2min!

Tropical Quinoa Flakes

  • 1/3c quinoa flakes [~130 cals, 2.5g fiber, 23g carbs, 4g protein]
  • water + coconut milk
  • 1/2t cinnamon
  • splash of vanilla

Topped with:

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Thoughts?  It definitely tasted just like quinoa but creamy like oat bran.  The toppings were really fun and definitely a change of pace.  However, this bowl only kept me full for 1.5hrs!!! Eeek.  Next time I would cook more and I think that glob of pnut butter really helps things stick in my stomach!  Also, I think the quinoa flakes would be much better as a savory bowl.  I definitely could have imagined a sunny side up egg on top or even black beans + salsa.  I see a savory lunch bowl with quinoa flakes in my near future.

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Sniffing the air.

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Lunch was killer. 

Start with:

  • 1 Ezekiel sprouted grain wrap [LOVE these…chewy + delish]
  • ~1-2T tomato paste [new fav. topping]
  • mixed greens

Sauté with olive oil:

  • 5 baby bellas
  • ~1/2c chickpeas
  • 1 artichoke, chopped

Top with:

  • 2 farm fresh eggs [pour, poke, spread method]
  • sun dried tomato, chopped

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Way too delicious. 

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And extremely challenging to eat….but so worth it.

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Feelin’ the fruit today apparently!  I chowed on another kiwi with what was left of my Oikos Plain Greek yogurt.

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Before lunch I walked to the gym and rode on the bike, while reading Born To Run.  I am in the last few chapters which kept me on the bike for 61min38sec.  I could NOT put this book down!  I usually do not stay on stationary gym equipment for more than 45-50min max.  1 chapter to go!  For more of my daily workout details I got my April page up and running.

Later in the day, Chris and I headed to the park.  It was a gorgeous day outside so we wanted to take advantage…and we just got a new frisbee and wanted to try it out ;)

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I wore my Vibram 5 Fingers!! I’m easing myself back into these, for walking, whenever I can.  My feet are feeling pretty good, but I’m still sticking to my running hiatus for now.

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Action shots!

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Always fun to get outside and do something active other than running/walking.  Yay for the park being so close to us!  Do you see the HUGE Great Dane in the background??  I’m glad Kenna [great dane/lab mix] did not get that big!  

I’m hoping to go for a swim tomorrow and get some things done around the house…but tomorrow + Sunday I’ll also be working 8hr shifts!                

I wanted to say hi to my new readers!!  I have been getting quite a few new commenters, so I just wanted to say helllooooo, and thanks for stopping by :)  Hiii to my old readers as well!  You guys rock.

Night all – xo


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