Chris, my mom, and I headed to Boulder this morning.  I had a photography “thing” that kept me busy for about 4hrs.  It was very fun and I should be able to fill you in soon :)

After that was done, we wanted to show my mom Pearl Street, which is a huge pedestrian mall that is around 6 blocks long.  It’s literally packed with amazing stores…like Patagonia, Prana, American Apparel, etc…and about a bajillion restaurants.  It’s also usually packed with people, especially when the weather is nice.  A definite favorite Colorado spot of mine.

We went to Salt for their hors d’oeuvre hour.  It’s a “farm to table” restaurant that supports as much local as possible.  Their menu changes with the season and they specify where all of their meats come from [like, the specific name of the ranch].  I love the atmosphere and their awesome hors d’oeuvre menu prices!  Everything is $2-5 and a pretty good portion.  I’ve been there two other times and can’t wait to actually go for a full dinner.

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Obviously, salt is on every table.  Himalayan pink salt…and I can’t remember the other kind ;) oops!  Loved the mini spoon, hehe.

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They have the best fries I think I’ve ever had…not to mention the KETCHUP.  WHOA.  If you know me, you know I’m kind of a ketchup freak.  I don’t really like condiments..but ketchup, I love.  This is homemade and SO flavorful.  It’s packed with basil and maybe a little rosemary.  I swear I could eat it as a cold tomato soup.  Seriously, amazing.

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Any ideas what this is??  Chocolate?  Jelled something?  BEETS!  Roasted beets with local Haystack Mountain Chevre and hazelnuts.  This was ALL mine :)  Beets are so earthy and delicious.

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My other plate.  This was $4 and a huge serving of the flatbread of the day.  It had arugula pesto, sundried tomatoes, a few red onions and chevre.  The actual flatbread was amazing, but the pesto dried out a bit in the oven, making this a tad bland.  I mean, I still ate it ALL but it was a little dry/bland. 

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My mom + Chris got a beef slider with the OMG homemade ketchup ;)  It’s looked fab, but I wasn’t in a meat mood.  The bun looks like the best part to me!  They said it was really yummy.

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My mom also had a bowl of this baked orecchiette bolognese pasta.  I had a noodle bite, which was delicious.  The sauce was creamy and extremely flavorful.

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I ended up spotting Laura!  Yay :)  She called me to let me know she had to run an errand with her co-worker Cesar.  They came by to see us on a tandem bike.  Hilarious. 

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<3 <3 this girl

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Even more hilarious was when she made asked me if I wanted to go for a ride.  I don’t think I’ve been on a bike in FIVE years, haha.  We did a loop up and down one of the side streets.  It was a bit sketchy but we made it back in 1 piece.

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Then we walked around Pearl St.

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Last day with mom!! :(  

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EXhausted!  I’m taking my mom to the airport pretty early tomorrow morning.  I’ll probably come home and take a nap?  Or workout?  We’ll see what happens ;)