should have crammed Angela into my suitcase…

I slept like a rock and woke up to a peaceful heavy rain outside.  I think I could have slept all day!  

Angela made us some tea and then we went over breakfast options.  It’s fun being at a friend’s house that eats all the same things you do and has all of the same ingredients to play with :)  PLUS a few new ones! this tea cup!

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Angela ever-so-kindly asked if I would make a big batch of hot oats for breakfast.  Of course!  Luckily, she had my newest favorite mix-in! 

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Blueberry Stuffed Oats for TWO

  • 1c rolled oats
  • 1.5c almond milk
  • 1 banana
  • 1c water
  • 1t vanilla
  • 1c blueberries
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 1-2T chia seeds
  • 1tsp [heaping] cinnamon
  1. Add oats, milk + water to a pot set over medium heat.
  2. Stir in a thinly sliced banana. [Kath’s lovely technique]
  3. Add in chia, vanilla, salt, + cinnamon and bring to a simmer until desired consistency is reached.  ~5-8min  [I only stir a few times during the process]
  4. When I take the oats off the heat, I stir in the blueberries and then pour the oats into a bowl.

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I’ve never had cacao nibs on oats before and really enjoyed the flavor + crunch.  Angela got me a bag of them that I can’t wait to break into!!

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Topped with:

  • maple cinnamon almond butter sauce
    • 1T nut butter + 1T any milk –> microwave ~15sec –> stir = saucey!
  • cacao nibs
  • about 1/2T maple butter

I’ve never had maple butter before and just had to check it out.  A lot goes a long way, as it is really sweet, but I loved it!!

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I scarfed the whole bowl.

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I still crave hot oats in the morning but will definitely be incorporating overnight oats more often now too! 

Great crunch, great flavor + love the blueberry pOp!

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Dreary day.

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It was nice to sit and relax through breakfast and then hang out and help Angela get a few things done.  This girl works her a$$ off people!!!  I hopped in the shower and came down to Angela banging pots + pans around whipping up our lunch.  :) 

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Amy’s split pea soup.  I haven’t been impressed with many of Amy’s soups but this was really yummy!

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TJ’s pita crackers are addicting.  I forgot how much I missed their deliciousness.  We don’t have TJ’s in Colorado!

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Soup with a bunch of crunchy sides –> crackers + carrots + cucumbers

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Chow time….almost ;)

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BYE Sketchie!! 

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When it was time to go Angela tried to wrestle me away from the door and send me to the kitchen to make Glo Bars. [I kid!]  Neither of us wanted to leave the other! Major sad face :( 

I wish I could have stayed to help…I miss making granola bars!

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“just whistle while you work….”

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After many hugs goodbye, an easy peezy border crossing, a Classic Glo Bar [YUM!], crazy insane winds, and a little rain, I was safe + sound back in Ohio about 4.5hrs later.  I met my parents in downtown Willoughby for dinner.

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We tried a new Italian restaurant, called Pranzo, as a pre-celebration for Chris + my 2nd year anniversary [this monday].  Chris unfortunately couldn’t be there with us, but I was definitely thinking of him in Colorado!! :(

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BYO-W!!  Dad brought this bottle from home.  It was nice + light with a pretty fruity flavor. 

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Delicious, super soft + doughy bread.

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I had a caprese pasta [noodles/tomatoes/basil/mozz/olive oil], with homemade noodles!

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The noodles were amazing and the flavor was fabulous.  I also had them add in roasted eggplant for a little more veggie volume. 

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Only complaints would be that it was too oily + the eggplant was pretty mushy but overall it tasted delicious and again the homemade noodles were outstanding.

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Mom + me!

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I’ve had such an adventurous few days and now I’m ready for bed!  Already missing my long lost sister in Canada and can’t wait to be roomies with her + a few other girls at the Healthy Living Summit.

I’m in Ohio for a few more days and then back to Colorado on Monday!