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I’m trying to get back in my normal routine of working out.  I’ve had a few weird things happen in the past month that set me back a bit.  About 4 weeks ago, I pulled my quad, sprinting around the bases in the summer softball league Chris + I are playing on.  I hobbled around for about a week but was able to swim + walk, pain free.  I definitely didn’t want to overwork my quad so I kept my workouts a bit easier.  Then, about 2.5 weeks ago I had a weird sinus dizzy/nausea thing that even kept me from doing any exercise for about 1 full week. 

While I was home in Ohio, I kept things pretty simple, as far as workouts were concerned.  Once my sinus issues cleared up, I walked almost every day.  One day I even got to walk with Abby Normally and another with Angela Oh She Glows!!  I slacked on lifting weights while home but still managed to bust out a few sets of crunches + push ups here and there.  Whenever I travel I try to maintain my balanced lifestyle, which is not always easy. 

Here is how I stayed on track:

  • avoided eating out too much, but when I did I found restaurants with great veggie options
  • cooked a few dinners for my parents and a few for the whole family
  • maintained my filling breakfast routine with either cooked oats, overnight oats, or a smoothie
  • had a Green Monster buffet with my family one morning
  • bought my favorite foods at Whole Foods
  • walked almost everyday by myself, with friends, or with my cousins
  • sliiightly decreased my food intake [but still eating whenever hungry] because I wasn’t doing my typical intensive daily workouts
  • stayed on the go with my mom…I honestly didn’t turn the TV on once in the 12 days I was home

I also ate dessert almost every night, which I don’t typically do at home.  Well, I always have some sort of snack because I’m ravenous 2hrs after dinner, but it’s usually not s’mores :)

Yesterday I showed you the 4 boxes of couscous that Lundberg sent me.  Well, last night I tried the first one out.  I cooked up the Mediterranean Curry flavor before I left to babysit for the evening.  It was done in a quick 15min.  Then I just popped it in tupperware with a little organic white cheddar on top along with a big cup of chickpeas. 

YUM.  This had great flavor!! 

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It was nice and fluffy too.  I love the texture of couscous.  You can check out Lundberg’s site for more info on their couscous.  The nutrition facts are great and it’s GF and vegan!  You could definitely use this for other things too…like making stuffed veggie peppers. 

The only thing I didn’t like was that it was a tad dry.  I might have cooked it 2-3min too long, or it may just need 1T of oil added to the boiling water to moisten it up a bit.  Overall, I really enjoyed it!

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It’s quite warm in our house, even in the morning.  We don’t have a/c, so I’m definitely not feeling the hot oats right now.  I was craving a Green Monster, SIAB style!!

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It was a beautiful muddy green :) hehehe

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Muddy Green SIAB

  • 1/2 banana
  • 1c strawberries
  • 2c spinach
  • 1T chia seeds
  • 1.5t maca powder
  • 1 scoop chocolate Amazing Grass
  • 1/4c rolled oats
  • ~1c hemp milk

Topped with:

  • 1T homemade peanut butter heated + stirred with 1T milk
  • ~1T cacao nibs

Deeeeeelicious, filling AND refreshing!!  I was stuffed.  It kept me full for about 4 hours, which is practically unheard of!

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So now I’m trying to get back to it.  Back to my normal work out routine that is.  My quad is feeling much better, so yesterday, after a 4 week hiatus I hopped back on my road bike.  I went for a 12 mile ride at Wash Park.  The first loop was terrible.  I felt so out of it!  However, after the 2nd and 3rd loops I got back into the zone and finished a total of 5 laps = 12 miles in around 45min.  I came home and lifted.

  • 3 sets bicep curls
  • 3 sets pushups
  • 3 sets various kinds of crunches
  • 3 sets of overhead shoulder press
  • 3 sets of front raises
  • 3 sets of lateral raises

And then I foam rolled for about 15min.  And that felt glorious!!!

Today I hopped in the pool for what seemed like FOR-EV-ER but was really only 40min of swimming.  I definitely felt a bit out of shape in the pool, even though it’s only been 2.5 weeks since my last swim. 

Then I came home and stuffed my face with lunch!  Ann is about to come over to watch So You Think You Can Dance + Sushi + Wine and I couldn’t be more excited. 

I also got a phone call from the huz today…woohoo!!  It was only about 3min long but so good to hear from him :)