i want cake

My Aunt + Uncle hosted an amazing brunch the day after our wedding.  Their house is gorgeous and they decorated it with ALL of the wedding centerpieces and bouquets.  It was like a continuation of the wedding!


Loved walking in and seeing everything set up with the wedding flowers. 


Some of my West Coast family, and my grandpa + Chris.


My Grandma + Grandpa [dad’s parents].  My Grandfather has since passed, and my Grandma now lives in Cleveland close to my family. 


Jenna + Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is my cousin that lives in Colorado :)


After the brunch I remember taking a VERY long nap and eating a LOT.  We celebrated my birthday early, since we we would be in Ireland for it.  I decided that I wanted to use the top tier of my wedding cake for my birthday because I wanted to share it with my family.  I didn’t get enough of it at the wedding!  We also had a duplicate top tier made to eat on our 1yr annv. 

Who saved their wedding cake for a whole year?  How did yours taste?  I was completely scared but honestly, ours was amazing.  It was extremely moist and full of flavor.  I was shocked!  We even had some friends help us eat it and they couldn’t believe how good it was!


Opening wedding gifts with the whole fam :)


Things were CRAZY getting ready for Ireland.  We made it to the airport 1 hour before our flight left.  Between getting traveler’s checks at the last minute, and other things, we were lucky we made it!  We departed out of Cleveland.  My family was so excited that they would get to see us for a few days after we returned back from IRE before heading back to Charlotte.


Tired but excited!!!


Below are some of Chris’s Ireland photos…full recap tomorrow!  This was very soon after he purchased the dSLR camera.  I was nowhere near touching it at that point.  I just starting using it this past September.

The River Liffey at night – Dublin, IRE

honeymoon2 015-Edit

Kilmainham Jail – Dublin, IRE

honeymoon2 068-4x6Edit

Driving to Northern Ireland, which is actually it’s OWN country!  It uses the Pound, not the Euro and goes by miles not km!  Weird!

honeymoon2 169-Edit

Carrick-a-rede rope bridge.  One of the most Northern points of Northern Ireland.

honeymoon2 203

honeymoon 280

honeymoon 297-Edit-2-4x6Edit

What are the odds of the bird flying in this photo??  I love it!  We were in Kinsale, Ireland here. [a fishing town at the most Southern end of the country]

honeymoon 315-4x6Edit

Okay…well I guess I did touch the camera a few times…because I took this photo, even though Chris disagrees.  I remember it specifically :)

honeymoon 321

We used the tripod a lot!

honeymoon2 159

No, I didn’t steal these children.  More details on who they are tomorrow ;)

honeymoon 055

honeymoon2 018

honeymoon2 089

honeymoon2 146

honeymoon2 214

honeymoon 097

honeymoon 173

honeymoon 210

honeymoon 235

honeymoon 261

honeymoon 271

honeymoon 310

honeymoon 351

Off to bed JUST after midnight!  Picking up Laura bright + early from the airport!

More tomorrow….