calling in sick.

I’ll try not to gross you out too much.

Ever since I can remember, I have always gotten a stomach bug about twice a year.  It never fails!  Last summer, right around this time, it was from salmon.  I now cannot stand the smell or taste of cooked salmon. 

I woke up in the middle of the night and knew what was going to happen but tried to avoid it.  I fell back asleep and then woke up at 5am running.  Yuck.

I’m on a break from beets. 

The husband is fine, and we ate the same exact dinner, so who knows what it was from. 

I find something else VERY odd.  Abby + Ashley yakked yesterday as well.  Weird.  Crazy blogger sickness!

When I got up this morning, I was STARVING.  I started with dry toast and a little water.  Everything seemed to be okay, so I moved onto this.

pb + jelly + cereal

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Nature’s Path cereals are delicious!

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I felt pretty out of it all day and have had a TERRible headache but no other stomach problems.

Snack.  These are SO good :)  They only have about 110cals, 2g fiber + 3g protein and minimal ingredients.  Not bad!

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I was hungry all day, so I kept eating.  It was a carb loading kind of day :)  Good thing there were no saltines in the house.  I would have eaten all 4 sleeves!

I picked up some oat bran the other day, as I’m trying to get more soluble fiber in my diet, to help with digestion.  I talked a little about oat bran in my Encyclopedia of Oats post, recently.  Oat bran is nice because it cooks in 3-4min! 

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A simple bowl with cinnamon + applesauce mixed in, topped with pnut butter, jelly, and blueberries.

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I still got a lot done today, despite not feeling the best.  I even took the dogs for walks.  Don’t worry, they were slow.  I thought fresh air might help with my headache, but it’s still rocking my brain!!  I took 2 rounds of Advil and no relief yet.  Oh well!

Insert about 17 other carb loaded snacks here.

Then, my dinner request was grilled cheese + baked beans!  The grilled cheese was awesome.  The baked beans were Whole Foods organic brand.  They were WAY too sweet!

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Here are a few things to check out, since this post…well…leaves much to be desired.

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I can’t believe The Healthy Living Summit is NEXT week!!!  Remind me again if you’re attending.  Can’t wait to meet everyone!