oh my sandwich

Blueberry Scottish oats to start the day off right.

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Time to break out the chickpea flour!  I’ve seen a lot of recipes for hummus made with chickpea flour and figured it would probably be super creamy and easy to make.

Don’t worry, it’s supposed to look like lumpy at this stage.

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It ends up looking like this.

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Chickpea Flour Hummus

I used the Bob’s Red Mill recipe, changing just a few things like all water, instead of water + veggie broth.

I topped mine with hot sauce and toasted cumin seeds.

The smoothest hummus this girl has ever dipped a carrot in.  I used to hate hummus!

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It took all my energy of the day to make the hummus and the following sandwich.  This could be, probably is, one of my top 5 favorite sandwiches ever.  This is a twist on grilled cheese.  It’s nothing like grilled cheese at all.  I would say it’s better.

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I’m also thinking this hummus will be a great sub when  making egg salad, which is something I love and never make.  I’m not a fan of mayo, but will eat a small amount of it in egg salad.

I love eggs.  Have you figured that out yet?

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Grilled Hummus + Egg Sandwich

  • 2 slices toast [I used GF millet bread]

  • Earth Balance [the soy free kind for me!] or butter

  • hummus

  • 1 hardboiled egg, or 1 pour, poke, + spread egg

  • pickles or sweet pickle relish [liquid drained]

  • salt + pepper

optional - but would be awesome additions

  • nutritional yeast [I used about ~1/2T of this]

  • tomato past

  • smoked paprika

  • cucumber

  1. Heat pan just under medium heat.

  2. Butter 2 sides of bread.

  3. Spread a nice thick coating of hummus on both sides.

  4. Slice hard boiled egg and place on 1 side.

  5. Close sandwich and place in pan.

  6. Cook until golden brown and flip.

  7. Peal back top slice, add pickles, s+p and whatever other toppings you want.

  8. Let cook until golden brown, cut + serve.

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I held the sandwich, looking at it, excited for every single next bite.  The millet bread is small, so this was gone in no time.

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And then it was naptime.