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I’m not a fan of taking the dSLR out a lot in the winter.  When it’s cold and you take it from cold, to hot, the huz taught me that condensation will form inside the camera.  If you wear glasses, you know what I’m talking about.  You don’t want this to happen!  You can have your camera out in the cold, but after you’re done, seal it in a large bag + squeeze out all of the air.  Then, once the camera has returned to room temp [when you’re inside] you can take it out of the bag.

So, all of that to say, here is another point n’ shoot post. :)  When going snowboarding, it’s just easier. 

A big group of friends are renting a condo in Dillon for the winter.  We can stay there + bring the dogs for much cheaper than a hotel.  Works for me!  We drove there Sunday night, which avoids us having to leave our house at 5am to beat mountain traffic. 

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It’s pretty bare bones, because no one actually lives there.  There are some stray couches and a lot of air mattresses.  We brought Blokus to play.

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Dakota was her typical self.

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Kenna made a beach towel her bed.

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Mattress + Cosmo Kramer = classy

I love the random decorations that people have put up!

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Morning view, waiting to see the sun.

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On the drive to Keystone, we passed Lake Dillon.  Gorgeous morning!

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Our crew : Kyle, Lindsey, Chris

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Great day carving around in the snow.  We hit up a few tree runs and even found some powder.

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Why hello there.

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This was where I just came from. 

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The dogs had a pretty good time too and didn’t poop in the condo.  Score!

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Ate a little Love on the way home!!

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I have a delicious treat that will be posted mid-day tomorrow, thanks to an amazing creation from Heather!

Just wanted to show you a little recap of my Monday! :)