[I let my mom name this post ;)]

Fun day!  Despite the HAIL that was coming down this morning we managed to have a really fun day.  The hail stopped pretty early but it was overcast and windy all day.  I took my mom to Wash Park and we did a 2+ mile loop.  It was chillllly from the wind but fun!  Then we came home, cleaned up and headed to S. Pearl Street.  I went there a week or so ago with Chris and a few other times as well.  It’s a super cute street with shops + restaurants. 

We tried a new-to-me place for lunch.

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It’s called Gaia Bistro.  I will definitely be going back there soon.  The menu was HUGE with sandwiches, tons of egg dishes, sweet + savory crepes, and much much more.  There were a lot of good veggie options too!  I had the hardest time deciding…lucky for me, my mom likes splitting ;)  The prices were very reasonable as well [~$5-9].

Cane sugar cubes!

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The atmosphere was very cozy and somewhat rustic.  I loved it!  The restaurant was in a little house that was super cute.  I really liked how there were a few different rooms and all of the tables were different and very home-like.  Ahhhh, totally recommend trying this out!!

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Seriously delicious samich.  Packed with: portabella, roasted peppers, mixed greens, tomaters, and squash.  The bread was really fresh although I’m not sure what kind it is…some sort of delicious baguette.

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With a FANtastic side of the best cucumber salad I have ever eaten.  It was a bit sweet and I gobbled up every bite…except I dodged the red onions.

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We also split this savory crepe.  The crepe was made with organic buckwheat flour.  It was light, airy, and not greasy at all. 

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The crepe was EVEN better than the sandwich…definitely ”mmmmm” out loud. 

mushrooms + eggs + spinach + creme fraiche

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It was hard to get an “atmosphere” photo because the rooms were pretty small.  You get the idea ;)

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The sun came out for a few minutes!  We did a little browsing in the cute stores.

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Then we headed to the Historic Highlands area.  Wondering what this photo is?  Laura and I did an architecture competition last year [for fun] and this was our site [the dirt area]!  The contest was to design a farmers market.  It was a really fun project to work on.  Our concept was all about bringing the community together and having a space that could be utilized for many other activities besides a market.  Anywho…

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A LOT more shops + restaurants.  Denver is SUCH a foodie city.

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I surprised my mom and took her to Happy Cakes!!!  I have been meaning to go there for awhile now and having my mom in town was the perfect excuse :)  I have heard SO many good things about this cupcake bakery.

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The store was precious.  I loved the bright welcoming colors.  They just moved into this new space and it seems like an awesome spot.  Very reasonable prices too. 

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All of the cakes were behind glass, so they look a bit out of focus.

BABY CAKES!!! Oh man..this means I get to try ALL of the flavors!

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The cutest little kid aprons ever.  I need an adult sized version!

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I know it sounds boring but “V.O.V.” is probably my favorite combo.  Vanilla ON Vanilla…mmmm

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Didn’t get to try this one..

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Oh yeah..this was good.  I had a baby VOV.  I took a bite of cake + frosting…a bite just of cake…and a bite just of frosting.  The vanilla was very pronounced, which I love.  The frosting was rich and creamy but not too sweet for my taste.  The cake was moist and didn’t fall apart at all.  They worked well by themselves AND together.

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Decoration station!

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We made up a “to go” box but obviously had to eat 1 each right away.  These little babies are just too cute.  My mom had the chocolate with butter cream and I had the VOV.  mmmmhmmmmm

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Yes, roasted banana cupcake!  The frosting was cinnamon cream cheese!  I had one of these in baby form when I got home.  The cinnamon was a tad too cinnamony, even for me…however it didn’t overpower the banana.  I really liked the banana cake a lot!  It was a bit more muffin-like but still fluffy and moist.  I think this would be a fabulous oatmeal topper ;)

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Doggie treats

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The top left is SNICKERDOODLE!!  It’s a cinnamon sugar cupcake…THEN they bake a cinnamon sugar coating on top of the cupcake and top it with vanilla butter cream + cinnamon sugar.  I mean…..helllooooooo..can’t wait to try that one!  Chris got the big chocolate cupcake topped with pnut butter - butter cream.  He scarfed it.

I liked these cupcakes more than Tea + Cakes in Boulder.  Happy Cakes frosting was much creamier tasting and the flavors were a little more “real.”  I think I should make a goal to try all of the specialty cupcake shops in Denver/Boulder :) 

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Then we did a little shopping…I got a cute dress + 2 new hats.

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Loved this store, Starlet.

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i <3 hats

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The weather guy said we’ll probably wake up with a light dusting of snow tomorrow!! Ahhhhh!!!  62 + sunny on Thursday though.  Not sure what’s on tabs for tomorrow except a late afternoon trip to Ft. Collins to meet up with our family there for dinner.

Oh yeah..I hit the pool tonight for the first time since being sick a few weeks ago.  It felt great to get back in the water!  I chowed down on leftovers [from last night] when I got home.  I’m going to make cheesy kale chips and low + slow potatoes for my mom tomorrow.  Can’t wait til lunch!! hehe